February 2003






The guidelines in this document apply to "adult sex films".

An "adult sex film" is a live action or animated film with a PREPONDERANCE of explicit sexual activity, whose purpose is sexual titillation or gratification, and where the criteria for a mainstream film with explicit sexual activity are exceeded.

A "mainstream film with explicit sexual activity" is a film with overriding literary, artistic, educational, or scientific merit that contains LIMITED instances of BRIEF, NON-GRATUITOUS, NON-VIOLENT, explicit sexual activity.

"Explicit sexual activity" is defined as acts of intercourse or masturbation - in full, clear, unequivocal, and realistic detail - that include the depiction of genital, anal, oral-genital, or oral-anal connection or manipulation using natural appendages and/or foreign objects.


We will classify films containing scenes of explicit sexual activity provided that they involve CONSENTING ADULTS subject to the following guidelines:


(a) We will NOT approve scenes in which a minor or a person depicted as a minor is engaged or involved in explicit sexual activity.

This may be established by any of the following:

  • a verbal reference to the character as under the age of 18;

  • the character's behaviour, dialogue, environment, or appearance is consistent with those persons under 18 years of age;

  • the performer's physical development is consistent with that of persons under 18 years of age.

 The perceived under-age performer does not necessarily have to be an active participant in the adult sexual activity for the prohibition to apply.


(b) We will NOT approve scenes of physical abuse where there are visual or verbal signs of pain, discomfort, or distress.

This may be established by any of the following:

  • the performer expresses pain or discomfort through either visual or verbal cues;

  • one or more areas of the body become red, welts are raised, or the skin is broken;

  • contact with an area of the body is visible and direct and the sound of contact is clear and obvious;

  • an area of the body is immobilized to its physical limit (for example the head being pulled back as a result of the hair being pulled) or is manipulated rapidly or violently;

  • there are physical reactions such as choking, forced gagging (reflex gagging is approvable), or flinching;

  • there are physical or verbal adverse reactions to the insertion of foreign objects (such as dildos) or appendages ("fisting") into body cavities (i.e. vagina, anus). Fisting occurs when a person has all five digits, including the knuckles, completely inside a body cavity.

Mild acts of violence (such as slapping, spanking, or hair pulling) where none of the above criteria apply, and where there is a playful, consensual, harmless atmosphere and tone are not necessarily considered to be physical abuse and may be approved.

Acts of violence that are part of a plot or story line and are not related to any explicit sexual activity may, depending on context, be approved.


(c) We will NOT approve scenes in which coercion is involved such as ones resulting from verbal or physical pressure.

Coercion is the forcing or pressuring of someone to do something against his or her will.

This may be established by the following:

  • verbal coercion may occur if the character stands to lose something if he/she does not perform explicit sex. Examples of verbal coercion include: "Have sex with me or you will be fired." and "Have sex with me or you will get an 'F' on your essay.";

  • physical coercion may take place when a performer is physically forced into an act, situation, or position after he or she has expressed reluctance to do so;

  • coercion may also include an implied threat involving the use of an object as a weapon;

  • coercion may also occur when a performer expresses reluctance in either a verbal (for example, "I don't want to do this") or physical (for example, pushing away one's partner) manner, or requests an activity to cease, and such an expression or request is ignored.

Coercion is amplified when it involves one person in a position of authority over another person.


(d) We will NOT approve scenes of psychological abuse, humiliation, dehumanization, or degradation.

Scenes that result in debasement of the dignity and self-respect of the performer can include situations where:

  • there is an overall verbally abusive, dominant, fearful or degrading atmosphere or tone;

  • there is a clear linkage of sex and punishment;

  • the abuse, humiliation, dehumanization, or degradation results from verbal remarks, or the performance of an act, or the portrayal and/or context of a situation.


(e) We will NOT approve scenes of performers being unwillingly restrained in a scene of sexual activity.

Bondage or restraint is the limitation of mobility where a person is unable to free himself or herself without assistance from another person or a tool. Bondage situations are subject to prohibition under the following circumstances:

  • bondage depictions involving indications of pain, discomfort and distress;

  • bondage depictions involving a verbally abusive, dominant, fearful, degrading, dehumanizing or humiliating atmosphere or tone;

  • the binding or immobilization of the genitals;

  • when a bound performer's consent status is not clearly depicted; for example, the performer's face is never shown, the sound is over-dubbed with a music track, or the performer is gagged.

Bondage depictions where there are no signs of pain, discomfort, or distress and which involve a playful, consensual, harmless atmosphere and tone may be approved. Where a performer clearly demonstrates that he or she can free himself or herself without any aid, such scenes, depending on context, may be approved. Where the ability to stop the bondage process through safety techniques between performers, such as escape passwords, is clearly demonstrated such scenes, depending on context, may be approved.


(f) We will NOT approve scenes of incest.

Incest occurs when people are portrayed or represented as sharing direct family or blood relationships and are engaged in explicit sexual activity. To be prohibited, the depiction of incest must be convincing; therefore colloquial usage of terms such as "bro", "sister", or "uncle" will be reasonably approved.

Scenes of sexual activity involving people who are portrayed or represented as sharing step or foster relationships may be considered coercive.


(g) We will NOT approve scenes of bestiality or necrophilia.

Bestiality is sexual conduct between a human being and an animal.

Necrophilia is an explicit sexual act involving a corpse (or a person pretending to be a corpse) - this excludes the portrayal of "ghosts" or "spirits".


(h) We will NOT approve scenes involving explicit urination where one person directly urinates on another person.

Urination on another person is deemed to be degrading or humiliating regardless of consent.


(i) We will NOT approve scenes involving explicit defecation.

Any explicit portrayal of fecal matter and/or any watery or viscose substance containing fecal matter being evacuated from the bowels is not allowed.

Any evacuation from the anus on another person is not allowed.


(j) We will NOT approve scenes where consent has not been clearly established between participants.

Consent cannot be established when a participant is unable to do so because of the influence of substances (e.g. drugs, alcohol), lack of consciousness, or mental disability.


(k) We will NOT approve scenes where potentially medically harmful activities are undertaken.

Medically harmful activities include the following:

  • Anal fisting

  • Anal and vaginal fisting of pregnant women

  • Anything that moves directly from inside the anus to the mouth  * SEE NOTE BELOW

  • Anything that moves directly from inside the anus to the vagina to the mouth  * SEE NOTE BELOW

* NOTE: If the Distributors place the following statement at the beginning of each production:

"Sexual activities depicted in this Video/DVD may be medically harmful. In addition they are NOT necessarily healthy, safe, or suggested."

Effective Feb 18, 2003, any video/dvd that has this statement clearly displayed for a minimum of 10 seconds, before the production begins, will not be turned down for having anal to oral or anal to vaginal to oral connections.


The omission of an activity from these guidelines does not necessarily constitute an endorsement by the Board of such an activity.